Privacy policy for the use of the Power-Potential-Profile® (PPP)

If you use the Power-Potential-Profile® as a user by filling out the questionnaire and receiving a result on your answers, the following data protection regulations apply to you.

The Power-Potential-Profile® is a procedure of flow consulting gmbh. flow consulting gmbh and all licensed consultants have committed themselves to treat the personal data collected during the use of the Power-Potential-Profile® as strictly confidential and not to pass it on to any uninvolved third party. Participation in the procedure is exclusively voluntary.

By participating, the participants agree that their answers, which they enter into the system via a questionnaire via the Internet, may be evaluated for questions of personal development and for personal feedback and may be passed on to the responsible consultant. The result of the Power-Potential-Profile® is exclusively given to the consultant assigned to them. All PPP consultants have made a written commitment to provide the results exclusively to the respective participant within the framework of a personal consultation, coaching, workshop or seminar. They will only be passed on to third parties if this is expressly requested by the respective participant for the purpose of supporting personal development.

The Power-Potential-Profile® may only be used by licensed consultants. These are published on the website flow consulting gmbh assures not to allow any other consultant to access the system. For statistical purposes the results will be processed anonymously. Only age, gender, nationality, industry and professional position are stored and summarised in such large groups that no traceability to individual persons is possible. This statistical evaluation takes place every 2 years, on 31.12. In this course, the personal results and names of the participants from the years before are deleted. If a participant wishes his personal data to be deleted immediately after completing the form and creating the results report, a simple e-mail to is sufficient. This is possible already 1 day after filling in the form. This data will then be irrevocably deleted from the system immediately after receipt of the e-mail.

The data is protected against access by unauthorised persons on a separate server with the highest security standards (Linux, Apache, separate router, firewall). The data server is located in Germany. The security software is kept up to date with the latest technology and the server is continuously checked for possible external access. Access to the server during data entry and data evaluation is carried out with the security standard https (security certificate). For the purpose of technical and content-related support, in addition to the respective licensed PPP consultant, the IT administrators also have access to the server and thus to the data. Access is only possible with an individual double password.

All PPP consultants and the IT administrators have signed a declaration of compliance with data protection in accordance with §5 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) and a declaration of commitment to maintain confidentiality in the processing of personal data by non-public bodies in accordance with Art. 5 Para. 1f, Art. 32 Para. 4 of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). These declarations can be inspected on request.

flow consulting gmbh is licenser, rights holder and operator of the system and platform of the Power-Potential-Profile.

Dieter Kannenberg, managing director, flow consulting gmbh, Spörckenstraße 89, D-29221 Celle