Are you interested in a consultant certificate?

The licensor flow consulting licenses at irregular intervals experienced consultants, coaches, trainers and personnel developers in the application of the instrument. Dates, licensing conditions and costs can be obtained directly from flow consulting gmbh.

Workshop-Dates for acquiring the Light-License:
09.-10. of March 2021 in Stuttgart
06.-07. of July 2021 in Celle

Follow-up on the acquisition of the Complete-License:
11.-12. of March 2021 in Stuttgart
08.-09. of July 2021 in Celle

Interested parties resident in Switzerland are licensed through our partner peoplefocus GmbH:

Interested parties resident in France are licensed through our partner SENSING Consulting:

This is what you can expect in the licensing workshop:

Personality and Potentials, the Jungian Personality Profile (JPP)

  • Basics C.G. Jung and JPP
  • Interpretation of different profiles
  • The evaluation meeting with exercises
  • Exercise examples to illustrate the JPP in the seminar or workshop
  • Application of the JPP for different purposes (e.g. communication, sales, leadership, team development, career counselling, coaching, conflict training, stress, etc.)
  • Examples of in-depth exercises and seminar didactics
  • Possible questions from participants and customers and the answers
  • Individual questions of the participants

Management attitude and Shaping Leadership, the Matrix for the Development of Attitude (MDA)

  • Theoretical background to the factors of MDA
  • Attitude and attitude according to McClelland
  • Tension between authority and responsibility
  • Description of the factors self-esteem, independence, enforcement, emotional, social and organisational responsibility
  • The results report: interpretation of different profiles
  • The result of the MDA in the evaluation meeting: Exercises, examples, questions
  • Impulses for the development of the leadership attitude

Leadership skills in times of digital transformation, the Future Skills for Leadership (FSL)

  • Theory of competence measurement
  • The competence fields of the FSL classic and dynamic (leadership competencies) and the FSS (sales competencies)
  • Agile leadership and digital transformation: requirements for managers
  • The result of the FSS/ FSL in the evaluation meeting: exercises, examples, questions
  • Impulses for the development of agile leadership skills
  • The practical application of the full version of the Power-Potential-Profile® in coaching, seminars and workshops
  • The organisational handling and information on data protection
  • Individual questions on the handling and use of the Power-Potential-Profile®