Discover ways to develop your own attitude towards your professional role

With which mindset, which attitude, do we approach our tasks? This attitude influences our concrete actions. We can change and develop our attitude. MDA describes four areas of development against the background of six factors. This makes it possible to reflect on and develop one’s own attitude towards more creative power.

Demonstrate attitude

Our attitude to the management task depends on several factors. What experience have we had with leadership so far? Do we have the will and the desire to take on a leadership role ourselves? Do we like the concrete environment in which we have taken on this task? Reflect on your own attitude and take up the suggestions for strengthening your attitude. Use the MDA in the Power-Potential-Profile for this purpose.

Shaping leadership

The MDA shows four fields. The effective attitude for leadership in dynamic situations is the formative leadership attitude. It consists of personal authority on the one hand and assumption of responsibility on the other; responsibility for employees, for the team and for the company.

The energy package for your team

You can also create a team profile with MDA. How far apart are the team members in their attitudes to the team task? What can be done to bring the team together. The better everyone in the team works with a good attitude and full energy for the task, the better the results will be.

Attitude can be developed

The six sub-factors show the developmental path towards strengthening one’s own attitude. Do you need to strengthen your personal authority, e.g. by working towards greater assertiveness? Or do you need more empathy in order to be able to adjust better to the team? The result of the MDA shows the need for action. In the consultation process, the appropriate development proposals are then drawn up.

Supplement the result on your attitude with feedback on your management or sales skills, with Future Skills for Leadership (FSL) oder Future Skills for Sales (FSS).