Power-Potential-Profile complete (PPP)

The Power-Potential-Profile (PPP) consists of several modules that can be used individually or in combination.

Three levels can be measured with the Power-Potential-Profile

The personality structure (JPP)
Your own attitude to the professional role (MDA)
The competencies for management or sales and distribution (FSL or FSS, also as 360-degree feedback)

Strong, focused and fast development impulse

The Power-Potential-Profile (PPP) is ideally suited for personnel development. The results are linked to a consultation, coaching, seminar or workshop. In this way the results can be interpreted correctly. The PPP is valid, theoretically well-founded and meaningful in practice.

Customised solution

The competence module can also be used as 360-degree feedback and can be adapted to your competence model.

The use of the Power-Potential-Profile

This diagram shows a possible procedure for the use of the Power-Potential-Profile.

The power potential profile as 360-degree feedback

You can also use the Power-Potential-Profile as 360-degree feedback. Then you will receive feedback on how others perceive you. The comparison of your self-image with the image of others helps you to assess yourself realistically and to develop yourself personally.

Interpret behavioural feedback together with attitude and personality

In addition to the perception of the behaviour of others, one’s own attitude towards the professional role is of crucial importance. This is surveyed with the MDA module. The combination of personality traits (Module 1, JPP) with the question of the current attitude towards the role and the observable behaviour tracks down the decisive levers for further development. Try it out and test the Power-Potential-Profile. Call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you.

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