Jungian Personality Profile (JPP)

Every person is unique. But there are patterns in the perception and assessment of our environment, which are similar in some people and very different in others. And these patterns affect our concrete behaviour. Those who know their own patterns exactly receive individual paths to personal development and are able to adapt even better to other people. 

Recognising patterns

What patterns drive us? What is behind our motivation and demotivation? Recognize the basic patterns of human behaviour. Take a look in your personal mirror.

JPP Categories

A differentiated personality profile: 16×16 variations

The Jungian Personality Profile describes four categories of our personality structure. Each category shows two opposing tendencies. This results in 16 basic patterns. Each of these basic patterns is further differentiated by four times four underlying dimensions. Let us surprise you with what you will experience of yourself.

Developing teams

The Jungian Personality Profile (JPP) offers many insights for your team development. If you use the JPP in a team, you will receive insightful group feedback. This makes the team dynamics clear. Mutual understanding grows, tasks can be assigned even better and the potential in the team is recognised: The team professionalises its interaction and performance.