The Power-Potential-Profile and its modules are published in several books and articles. These books are published in German.
Documents in English language can be found under ‘Downloads’.

Manual of Personality Analysis

Dieter Kannenberg has co-authored a new handbook in which Gabal Verlag has published more than 20 leading personality analyses. The Power-Potential-Profile® of flow consulting gmbh is one of these relevant tools. Pages 402 ff. describe in detail how managers and sales staff can use the results of the analysis for their personal development in practice.

Führungs-Kraft – the book of the Power-Potential-Profile®

In their newly published book, Dieter Kannenberg and Matthias Diederichs give tried-and-tested advice on how both young and experienced managers can optimise their individual management style and act even more effectively. The authors describe the 3 modules of the Power-Potential-Profile® and their fields of application with many examples from their coaching practice and provide the reader with helpful checklists for self-reflection. The book has been published by Walhalla-Verlag.

Personality and Typus

In this 76 pages brochure Dieter Kannenberg gives an insight into the typology of C.G. Jung and the instrument Jungian Personality Profile. The various application possibilities are described in a practical way. The book is published by flow consulting and can be ordered directly.

Manual Leadership

A team of authors from flow consulting gmbh has created a practical reference book for managers with this manual on leadership. In 16 chapters of 10 pages each, essential topics for the daily management routine are described: The leadership personality, communication, dealing with conflicts, project management, target agreement, idea management and change management, to name just a few of these topics. The book is published by flow consulting gmbh and can be ordered at cost price.