Competence measurement in 360-degree feedback

You can choose between two competence modules: Key qualifications for managers or for sales staff.

The Future Skills for Leadership (FSL) and Future Skills for Sales (FSS) are based on theoretical and empirical studies. In addition to self-assessment, external assessments can also be collected (360-degree feedback).

Customised solution

In addition, we develop a suitable questionnaire for your company-specific competence model. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Competences make you strong

Competences are key qualifications that we need to master challenging situations independently. Competences can be trained and developed. With the results of the Future-Skills-Modules you will find the right starting point.

Management or sales? Choose the right module

8 classical and 7 dynamic leadership competencies as well as 8 sales competencies can be measured in the Power-Potential-Profile. The self-assessment can be compared with the external assessments of up to 5 groups (manager, colleague, employee, customer, other). This gives a comprehensive picture and shows what you should work on.

Leadership skills: classic and dynamic

Key qualifications are becoming increasingly important for the successful performance of a management role. These basic competences are described in the “FSL classic”. In addition, the demands on managers are changing. The environment is becoming more complex. This requires dynamic forms of leadership, which we measure in “FSL dynamic”. The flow consulting gmbh has conducted a meta-study on this topic.

Strengthen sales performance

The demands on sales staff have increased considerably in recent years. Not only sales competence is required, but also good interaction with all departments in the company. The Future Skills for Sales (FSS) offers a serious assessment of the current situation.