The Power-Potential-Profile® is a multidimensional and fast-acting analysis of potentials for use in coaching, training and team development

The Power-Potential-Profile® is excellent for the use in personnel development of managers and sales representatives.

Three elements are measured:

  • The personality structure
  • Own attitude to one’s professional role
  • Competencies for leadership or sales

The Power-Potential-Profile® is always combined with specific consulting, coaching, a seminar or a workshop. This ensures that the results are correctly interpreted and implemented to produce positive developments.

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What do the results of Power-Potential-Profile® look like?

Jungian Personality Profile (JPP)

Jungian Personality Profile

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Matrix for the Development of Attitude (MDA)

Matrix for the Development of Attitude

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Future Skills for Leadership (FSL)

Future Skills for Leadership

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Future Skills for Sales (FSS)

Future Skills for Sales

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What do customers say about the Power-Potential-Profile®?